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Website launch

Welcome to mysalonpage!  If you are a salon or spa owner then you are in the right place. Mysalonpage is an Edmonton based website company who specialize in websites for salon or spas.

You can expect two major features from a mysalonpage website:

  1. Professional look and feel
  2. Easy content management

Professional look and feel

A website establishes a business with an online presence.  The more professional your website looks the higher the chance you”ll be able to encourage a potential client to stay and browse your site which could eventually turn into an appointment booking.  A professional looking website additionally gives your salon or spa more credibility over sites that are put together less elegantly. You wouldn”t buy product A from the website displayed in figure 1-1 (below) would you? Instead, you”d probably buy product A from the site displayed in figure 1-2 (below) right?

figure 1-1

figure 1-2

Ok, maybe both sites don”t sell product A, but, you get the idea right?

Internet surfers in general decide weather they want to stay and browse or leave your website in a matter of seconds. Surfers looking for a salon or spa are no different.  With a professional looking website by mysalonpage you will be able to capture more surfers over salon or spa websites that are less attractive.  This means more appointment bookings and more money for you.

Easy content management

If you ever had a website before and didn”t create it yourself you may know how difficult it can be to add or edit a part of your site.  You would need to contact your designer, put in your change request, and wait till they would online casinos have time to make those changes. This process could take days or even weeks and it can cost money.

Even if your pretty savvy with fancy tools like Dreamweaver, an HTML editor, used to create or edit a webpage on your site and an FTP client used to upload that new page to your hosting provider, a location on the internet that contains your site, that is still a lot of work.

Mysalonpage provides you with the tools to easily add or edit content on your mysalonpage website. For example, changes like new products, gallery images, services, changes in seasonal hours of operation and much more can now be added and edited by you within SECONDS and at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Check out our portfolio to get an idea of how our websites could fit your business needs.  If you have any questions regarding our product don”t hesitate to contact us.